New website, upcoming clubnight

I have a rare free Saturday and  have finally got around to updating our Rusty Cage website. I’ve built it around WordPress so it’s less of a chore to update, and made it so you can subscribe to calendar events, and also buy tickets online. Woo! I hope you like it.

Our next event is on March 22nd at our home, Retro Bar, Sackville Street, Manchester. We’re raising money for Trafford Cats Protection this time, hopefully we’ll get a good amount to donate. We get a decent turnout every time but I’m hoping this one will be extra special.

It’s hard work but all worth it. I’m really grateful to everyone who DJs- nobody gets paid as it’s for charity, and everyone always does such a brilliant job.

I have been searching all day for a letter I received from Nancy McCallum, who is Layne Staley’s mother. She wrote to me after we raised a lot of money for the Layne Staley Fund a few years ago. It was lovely to receive as I have always been such a fan of Layne. Anyway, I transcribed the letter for our old website, but never took a photo of the original. I’d really like to find it and share it with you on here. I’ll keep looking!

The next thing on my list is to migrate the Facebook profile over to being a Facebook page. It’s taking forever to download the data and I’ve got a horrible feeling it’s all going to go belly up.

Hope to see you all on the 22nd!


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